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Graphite Art Center in Edmonds, Wash.: Intersections Gallery

Sabrina Sterling: Rising Musician in Scripps Ranch with “Ride of Die”

Jan. 2022, Scripps Ranch News.

CRPS: A Patient’s Perspective

Understanding CRPS from a patient’s experience is just as important as the biological components. (Photo: Nick Ng)

Pain Science

san diego pain summit 2018 pain test
When we ask, “What is pain?” we often think it’s caused by tissue damage or injury, but our pain experience is much more complex than what we used to think.

Beyond Fitness

Research finds strength training can be just as good as stretching to get you be more flexible, but what exercises should you do? Do you even need to stretch?


tale of two arizona mothers, racism, child endangerment, arizona
Tale of Two Arizona Mothers: Was there more to the story than what mainstream media says?


melane noel san diego pain summit 2022
Psychologist Melanie Noel explains how clinicians can deal with explaining uncertainty to their patients in chronic pain at the 2022 San Diego Pain Summit. (Photo by Nick Ng)

Local News

As a new theater troupe, having six nominations for the National Youth Awards is a milestone for the young actors and Scripps Ranch Theatre. Via Scripps Ranch News.

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