Promo Reels and Short Documentaries

Promo reel of “All Decks on Hand” by Salvage Arts, a skateboard art silent auction at Graphte Art Center.

Promo reels

1 to 2 minutes: $200–$300 per project

2 to 3 minutes: $400–$500 per project

3 to 5 minutes: $600–$800 per project

5+ minutes: Custom rate

Price includes filming and production. Typical time is 2 to 4 days. Various factors will depend on the depth of the content, how many people are interviewed, and minor edits and reshoots, if necessary.

Short documentaries

Interview with three artists from the 2022 Intersections exhibit at Graphite Art Center.

10- to 12-minute documentary: $1,500–$2,500. Includes filming, production, and review.

Print Design and Layout

Newsletter Design

4 pages: $350

6 pages: $500

More pages: Email for a quote

Magazine Design

Small (<32 pages, minimum 12 pages): $1,000–2,500

Medium (32–64 pages): $2,600–5,100

Large (64+ pages): $5,200+

I currently do not do print services.

Press Release, Event Coverage

2020 San Diego Pain Summit with Dr. Melanie Noel as the keynote speaker. She speak in front of a large audience.
Dr. Melanie Noel (on stage in red) was the keynote speaker for the 2020 San Diego Pain Summit. Her research is focused on the early life pain experience and memory. (Photo by Nick Ng)

Previous press releases, interviews, and event coverages include:

San Diego Pain Summit 2015–2022


Dr. Mary O'Keefe speaks at the 2018 PainCloud conference in Oslo, Norway.
Dr. Mary O’Keefe presents a research that shows the number of people who have “degenerative discs” at the spine but have no low back pain at the 2018 PainCloud conference in Oslo, Norway. (Photo by Nick Ng)

Oregon Pain Summit

Two female physical therapists talk to each other, their hands spread out, at a conference.
Two physical therapists share their stories after the summit on Oct. 1, 2022 in Lebanon, Ore. (Photo by Nick Ng)

Tactile Vision

Adelaide Pilar Benavides

Sabrina Sterling

Sabrina Sterling in Scripps Ranch News, January 2022.
Jan. 2022 of Scripps Ranch News, featuring singer-songwriter Sabrina Sterling.

$200–300 USD per coverage

Estimated time: 3 days or less. Factors include word count, timeliness, depth of topic, number of images and videos, amount of editing and proofreading, and number of interviews.


I currently accept payment via Venmo or cash.

Contact: 858.722.5216